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Why hire and trust the licensed  professionals from S.E. Electric? We have
been serving Orange County and surrounding areas for over 10 years. Our
owner holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. Our
electricians are journeyman certified from the State of California Department
of Industrial Relations and Cal OSHA certified. We provide a wide range of
electrical services from troubleshooting and installations to new home and
office construction. No matter how minor the problem—it is best left in the
capable hands of our reliable electricians.

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Electrical Troubleshooting

Our electrical technicians are professionally trained to troubleshoot electrical problems. Our journeymen electricians have the necessary resources at hand and can call upon our vast network of professionals in the cases of unusual problems.

Service Panel Upgrades

There are two main reasons to upgrade your electrical panel - your current electrical panel is too small for power you need to draw, or your current panel is unsafe. Common causes of either situation are: the addition of central air conditioning, a room addition, a kitchen renovation with upgraded appliances, or the addition of a new spa or hot tub.

Electric  Vehicle Chargers

If you are considering increasing your vehicle’s recharge speed, contact our licensed, qualified electricians. We will review solutions and provide you with a free estimate. Installation includes obtaining all necessary permits as well as wiring, procurement and set up of your EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment).

New Construction & Remodeling

New Lighting

We install fluorescent lighting, emergency lighting, track lighting, recessed lighting, patio & yard lighting, landscape lighting & low voltage outdoor lighting. Our technicians will discuss all the options with you to determine which lighting is best for your particular application.

Smoke Detector Installation

Smoke detectors are probably the most important safety devices you can
have in your home and by maintaining properly functioning detectors, you
greatly increase the survivability of a house fire. Although many people can
install smoke detectors on their own, it is important to rely on a professional
installer to insure proper installation.

House Rewiring

Houses built before 1950 may need to be rewired because the cloth insulation
that covers older wiring dries out and becomes brittle. This can leave wires
bare and un-insulated. Un-insulated wires can spark and start a fire.
Additionally, if un-insulated wires happen to touch, the resulting shock could injure or even kill an individual.

Ceiling Fan Installation

A properly installed ceiling fan can save you money by allowing you to turn off
your heater or air conditioner. During warm days, a ceiling fan can lower the
temperature in a room by a couple of degrees. On cooler days, by reversing
the direction the fans blow, warm air is brought down from higher in the room,
in effect warming the living space.

Spa and Hot Tub Wiring

Many of today's spas require a 50 amp, 4-wire electrical connection which must be custom wired. It is important that these types of connections be wired correctly to avoid unsafe conditions.

Code & Safety Violation Corrections & Repairs

Most safety code violations come about as a result of hiring an unlicensed and unqualified electrician who lacks the proper training to do the job properly. Although you may initially save money by hiring an unqualified electrician, you'll spend more correcting the problems they create. Plus, shoddy work can lead to fires and/or dangerous problems with electrocution.

24 Hour Emergency Services

We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help get your problems fixed. Electrical problems don't only happen from 9am to 5pm, so neither do we! Give us a call anytime and will give you an estimate for the work you need done.

Give us a call anytime and will give you an estimate for the work you need done.