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Residential Rewiring

Many homeowners take electricity and electrical services for granted. Especially with older properties, the wiring may need to be replaced by a competent electrician. Over time, the electrical wiring in your home may become dry and brittle and should be replaced. Dry and brittle wiring creates a safety hazard. Fires or electrical shocks can result, so call an electrician to fix your electrical problem today.

Common reasons for rewiring your home:

  • If your home was build before 1950, you probably have cloth covered wiring.
  • Green residue is found on the wiring
  • Old or outdated sockets
  • Breakers in the fuse box keep tripping

Electricians offer many different solutions for rewiring your home to ensure the job is done correctly. After a thorough evaluation, an electrician can alert you to potential electrical problems and recommend a solution. Electricians recommend an electrical check at least every ten years to avoid problematic situations.

Fuse box / Panel Upgrades

If you’ve recently purchased a larger television, computer, or added higher-powered appliances for your kitchen, your home may not be able to deliver the electric power supply needed to run those appliances. An electrician can evaluate your situation. The reality is, if you live in an older home, the breaker box wasn’t designed to power newer electricity-hungry electronics and appliances. With a single phone call, an electrician can install new wiring and an upgraded panel fuse box increasing your capacity for electrical service.

Common reasons for upgrading your electrical panel

  • The breaker trips every time you use the microwave or hairdryer
  • Flickering lights
  • Lights dim or brighten
  • Appliances struggle to get the electricity they need

These are all tell-tale signs that something isn’t quite right with your electrical service and that its probably time for a electrical panel upgrade.

An electrical panel upgrade involves replacing the existing breaker box with a newer panel that supports an increased electricity capacity. A qualified electrical contractor will also likely upgrade your wiring, the meter socket and any other components like wall plugs to ensure that your appliances can draw optimum power. Panel upgrades should only be attempted by a certified electrician as electricity can extremely hazardous.

Indoor Lighting

There are three types of lighting commonly installed in your home by an electrician – ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting is commonly referred to and general lighting and an electrician can install several types of ambient fixtures to ensure you have enough light in your home. Popular forms of ambient lights are torchiere lamps, wall sconces, spotlights and can lights which are installed in ceilings and project light downward.

Task lighting provides concentrated light on a workspace. You might want an electrician to install task lighting in areas for reading or cooking. Task lighting is a popular installation during a kitchen remodel and an electrician can supply you with the proper fixtures and their optimum locations to ensure proper lighting.

Accent lighting fixtures are often used to highlight special areas and items such as artwork and paintings. An electrician will often install a spotlight fixture as an accent light as it focuses the light on the object of interest.

Outdoor Lighting

If you are looking to add outdoor lighting to accent your property, then you’ll need an electrician to install the new lights. There is a wide variety of fixtures available and a qualified electrician will be able to install all of them. Outdoor fixtures include ceiling lights, wall lights, landscape lighting and post lamps. Once you’ve designed your outdoor look, contact an electrician and get it all installed and your home’s exterior will have a fresh new look.