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Want to know if you can benefit from an electrical panel upgrade?

How can I find out what amp electrical panel is in my home?

• If you currently live in a home that is more than 20-30 years old, it is possible that you have a 60 or 100 amp electrical panel. Today’s smart home standard is now 200 amps due to greater electricity needs for modern appliances, technological devices, high def televisions and other items requiring substantial power. To find out for sure you can look at the main breaker on your electrical panel and see what number it has labeled on it (100, 125, etc.). If you need help locating this information, feel free to give us a call and we can walk you through it.

What are the warning signs that my home may need an electrical panel upgrade?

• If your electrical panel stays warm to the touch, emits a noise (buzz or other), or has a burning smell, these could be signs that it is over-loaded or you have a bad circuit breaker. Other telltale signs include your electrical panel tripping often or your lights are flickering or dimming when you use multiple electrical items simultaneously.

What amp level is needed to power modern appliances, high def televisions and other electronics in my home simultaneously?

• 100 amps may no longer be adequate to power modern appliances, high definition televisions, new air conditioning units, EV car chargers and other electronics within your home, particularly if you need to use them simultaneously. Average homes now require a minimum of 200 amps to meet a family’s modern electrical needs.

What are the benefits of upgrading to a 200 amp electrical panel?
There are many benefits to upgrading, including:

• The ability to maximize power to all lighting, devices, audio and video technology, appliances and heating/AC equipment without impacting the existing electrical system.

• Increased safety as a higher amp electrical panel prevents electrical overload, overuse of extension cords, dimming/flickering of lights and electrical power interruptions caused by breakers “tripping.”

• Flexibility to plan for future remodels, additions or installations of items that require additional power (hot tubs, EV car chargers, etc.)

Can an insufficient or outdated amp electrical panel impact the sale of my home?

• Many homebuyers look at whether a home they are purchasing will meet their electrical needs, particularly if they are considering remodels or additions in the future. Having a home with the highest standard electrical panel able to manage the needs of modern appliances, high def televisions and other electronics will lessen the concerns of a prospective homebuyer regarding electrical repairs needed or potential safety risks. Additionally, it may be difficult to obtain homeowners insurance if the electrical panel of the home you are purchasing has an outdated brand that does not meet UL (Underwriters Laboratory) requirements (Federal Pacific Panels, Zinsco Panels).