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Electrical Outlet Services in Orange County, CA

Orange County Electrical Outlet Services

Outlets are an important feature in modern homes. They do more than just allow you to run your appliances. They can protect your home, power large appliances, and support smart home technologies. When you need an installation or a fast repair, it is important to hire an electrician for the job. At S.E. Electrical Services, Inc., we are here to support Orange County homeowners with their outlet and switch installation and repair needs.

Types of Outlets That Can Be Installed

There are more types of outlets and switches today than ever before. Homeowners with older homes may need to upgrade old outlets to keep up with their electrical usage and modern lifestyle. Here are a few of the most recent innovations that keep modern homes safe and efficient.

GFCI Outlets

Designed with your safety in mind, GFCI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets, prevent electrical injury by tripping when a short circuit or ground fault occurs. This type of outlet is frequently installed in bathrooms or kitchens near water sources where the risk of electrocution is higher. This type of outlet has external buttons that can be reset if the outlet has been tripped.

AFCI Outlets

AFCI, or arc-fault circuit interrupters, are outlets created to protect you from arcing that can result from damage to the wiring or an overheating device. When arcing occurs, AFCI outlets shut down outlets to protect you and your devices. These outlets are installed at the beginning of each necessary circuit to protect against fires. Recent versions of the NEC require AFCI outlets to be installed in many different rooms of the home such as bedrooms or the laundry room.

Rotating Outlet

Large plugs can block the other outlet and restrict your use of both outlets. This problem can be easily solved by investing in rotating outlets. These outlets rotate a full 360 degrees, giving you complete access to both outlets regardless of the size or shape of the plugs. If you are having this problem, our electricians can exchange any of your standard outlets with a rotating outlet.

Split Circuit Receptacle

When a room such as the living room or bedroom does not have a light fixture in the ceiling, it probably means that you have a split circuit receptacle somewhere in the room. One of the outlets performs like a regular outlet, while the other side is connected to a switch and only has power when the switch is on. We install split circuit receptacles for homeowners who want to be able to control one of their outlets from a switch in the room.

USB Outlets

Phones, tablets, and other essential devices are charged using a USB cord. While an adapter can be used to charge these devices on a normal outlet, many homeowners are choosing to skip this step by installing USB outlets. Most USB outlets feature both standard ports as well as USB ports to support both types of plugs. Many newer homes come with built-in USB outlets, but they can easily be installed in older homes by a professional electrician.

Signs That You Need a New Outlet

Electrical problems can be serious because they can lead to injury, fire, and even death. At S.E. Electrical, we are committed to the safety of our customers. One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your electrical system is to stay on top of electrical repairs and to watch out for signs of malfunction. Call our team of electricians if you notice any of the following signs:

Burning Odors

When it comes to your electrical system, heat is never a good sign. If you smell a hot smell such as burning plastic, or hot wires, this is likely a sign of a major problem. Check for strange odors near your outlets as well as any outlets that feel warm to the touch, and call us as soon as you notice a burning smell.

Frequently Tripping GFCI or AFCI Outlets

GFCI and AFCI outlets will occasionally trip, and they can be easily reset. However, tripped outlets should still be checked, especially if it happens often. You should also call us if your outlet is no longer working or is not resetting.

Broken or Damaged Outlets

If you have any outlets that do not have outlet plates or your outlet is loose, cracked, or broken in any way, it is important to have the outlet fixed or replaced. Broken or loose outlets can pose a danger to you and your family and they can be easily fixed by our team.

Not Enough Outlets

Some older properties in Orange County do not have sufficient outlets for modern electricity usage. If you are using power strips or extension cords at each outlet to try to accommodate all of your appliances, you may be overloading your electrical system. At S.E. Electrical, we can help to determine whether your current system is sufficient for your needs. You may need a new electrical panel, or you may need to install a few more outlets.

Flickering Lights

An occasional flickering light may simply be the result of a storm in your area. However, if it happens on more than one occasion it could be a sign of something more ominous in your electrical system. You should always have your outlets, as well as the entire electrical system, checked if you notice flickering lights. Our services include inspections as well as repairs and installations for outlets, electrical panels, wiring, and more.

At S.E. Electrical Services, Inc., we know how important it is to take care of your home’s electrical system. Outlets are a vital part of the system, so they must work well for your family. From USB outlets to rotating outlets, we install many different types of unique outlets that will make your home more convenient, usable, and comfortable. Whether you need an outlet repair, or you want to install additional outlets in your home, we are committed to providing the best service in the Orange County area. Contact us today for more information.