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EV Charger Installation in Orange County

With an influx of electric cars hitting the market, our customers rely on us for their EV Charger installations in Orange County and surrounding areas. We provide electric vehicle charger home installation services to help our customers charge their vehicles, faster, safer, and more effectively. 

Decisions Homeowners Need to Make Regarding EV Chargers

Most electric vehicles come with a level 1 charging station standard. Although this is sufficient for individuals who do not drive a lot, it may lack the power to give you the full charge you need. If you drive a lot, we recommend installing a level 2 charging station. There are a few decisions we can help you make regarding your EV charger installation. 

  • How fast do you want your vehicle to charge? Our customers who only need to charge their vehicles at night are likely going to find the standard station offers plenty of power. If you travel for business or pleasure, investing in a fast EV charger will give you better freedom.
  • What is the size of the electrical circuit? The size of the electrical circuit you will use is integral in deciding on the EV charger. If your circuit is not rated for continuous use, limit the charging rate to at least 80% of the circuit’s full capacity. 
  • Should you oversize? Oversizing may seem unnecessary, but it can offer greater durability. A charger offering 40 amps of power is typically going to last longer than one only offering 15 amps. 

We Install and Service All the Major Brands

You have a lot to consider in installing a new EV charging station or upgrading one that does not meet your needs. Our expert certified electricians can wire all types of charging station brands, including the following. 

  • Bosch
  • ChargePoint Home
  • Tesla
  • Clipper Creek
  • GE
  • JuiceBox

Do You Need an Upgrade?

The standard equipment does not always meet the needs of every driver. If you are ready for a charger upgrade, allow us to walk you through making the right choice. We take care of all the details, giving you peace of mind. 

We provide our customers with free estimates to help you understand the costs involved. Our upfront pricing is geared towards helping our customers with transparency, so there are no surprise bills. 

Upgrading your EV charging station offers a wide range of benefits. Consider the following when deciding on whether to upgrade your charger. 

  1. If you upgrade to a level 2 charging station, you will see much faster charging times. Upgrading from level 1 to level 2 cuts the charging time by half. 
  2. Level 2 chargers help to keep your battery in much better shape because of the charger charges at a higher capacity. 
  3. With a bigger battery capacity, you are free to travel much further in your electric vehicle, giving you greater freedom on the open road. 
  4. Many of our customers are also happy to learn upgrading to a level 2 station helps to enhance the value of their home. This is something any homeowner should be happy with, even if they do not plan to sell soon. 

Understanding the Differences Between Level 1 and 2

If you are the owner of a new electric vehicle, you likely have a lot of questions regarding your charging station. One of the most important things you need to be aware of is the difference between a level 1 charger and a level 2. 

  • Level 1 charging stations offer 120v. 
  • Level 2 charging stations offer 240v. 

We get a lot of requests for EV charger installation appointments. Our electricians want to help you understand how your charger works and ensure it is providing a safe service for you and your family. 

Our EV Charger Installation Services Give You Peace of Mind

While it may be tempting to take a DIY approach to upgrade or install your EV charger, this is not recommended. You could put your family at risk. Many homeowners have even voided their vehicle warranties because they attempted to install or upgrade themselves. 

You can rely on our expertise to ensure your charger is installed and wired properly. We fully inspect your charging station and every component to ensure a sound installation. 

Our customers in Orange County, CA area rely on us because of our proven track record. It is our goal to offer 100% customer satisfaction. Call us today if you are ready for an upgrade. 

EV Charger Upgrades Require an Electrician

Although Level 1 charging stations are meant to be plugged into any outlet, you are going to need more power for a level 2 charger. Working with any electrical wiring takes an expert. 

Unfortunately, standard wall outlets only offer 120 volts, so you will need to call us so we can install a special outlet and wire it properly. We will work to ensure your charging station has the voltage power it needs, so no breakers will be tripped when charging your vehicle. 

We will take care of all aspects of the install, including running the 240-volt wiring from your breaker box, installing the double-pole circuit, and the proper outlet. Our safe installation services are reliable and give our customers the power they need when they need it most. 

Schedule an Appointment Promptly

  1. E. Electrical Services Inc. has been serving the residents of Orange County, CA for over a decade. If you have been considering an upgrade to your charging station, we are the team to call for installation. 

We provide free estimates for our customers and are happy to answer your questions and concerns. Our team of certified electricians offers our customers prompt and courteous service. 

There is a reason so many homeowners in Orange County, CA rely on our services. When you read our customer reviews, you will see we have become a reliable electrical company in the area. 

If you are ready to purchase your upgrade, we can come out and install the necessary electrical components to ensure it charges your vehicle safely and effectively. Call us today to schedule your appointment.