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Home Rewiring in Orange County


Although a total rewiring of your home’s electric system rarely sounds fun, it can help keep you safe and help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the electricity powering your home. Many older homes have outdated electric. Not only is this wiring inefficient, but it can increase the risk of harm to you and your home as well. Poorly insulated wires, knob and tube wires, and aluminum wires can be dangerous and inefficient for today’s standards.

There is a reason why building codes are so picky about wiring. One ungrounded wire or any type of exposed wiring can cause electrical sparks, which can start a devastating fire in your home. If you go to sell your home and the wiring is not up to code, you may be required to update it before listing. 

Regardless of your reasoning for wanting to rewire your home, whether it be for personal peace of mind or a required upgrade, a professional can safely install new wires in your home. Our electricians at S.E. Electrical Services, Inc. will make sure your new wiring meets all of the electrical building codes and guarantee that your electric works the way it should for today’s modern power needs. 

Why use a professional electrician for rewiring?

Although some small electric jobs can theoretically be handled by homeowners, hiring an experienced and skilled electrician is often the right choice for major electrical work, especially whole-home rewiring. Professional electricians will make sure the job is done right, kept to code, and always completed with the highest safety precautions taken. They will know the best and least invasive techniques for rewiring so the job is handled quickly and efficiently.

Some electric companies, like S.E. Electrical Services, Inc., offer a warranty on their work. So, in the rare event that something does go wrong after the job is completed, there is little to no risk for you as the homeowner. After a job is completed, a professional electrician will ensure everything is cleaned up and your home is restored to its previous functionality, only with much better electrical. Instead of risking injury or damage to your home by trying to rewire on your own, leave it to the professionals for safe and superior workmanship every time.

Signs You May Need New Wiring

Most homeowners may not think about their home’s wiring too much until something goes wrong. Perhaps an outlet stops working or the lights start flickering more than normal. Sometimes, even these clues aren’t enough to worry homeowners. They may think that those experiences are just par for the course in an older home. However, even minor inconveniences like these can serve as a warning to a much more serious concern hiding behind the walls.

Whether your wiring is one spark away from starting a residential fire or your wiring is just outdated compared to the latest technologies, there are a few signs you can look for that signal it is time to think about rewiring your home. Some of these signs are listed below. 

  • Power goes out when multiple appliances are used at the same time.
  • Lights flicker when certain appliances are used. 
  • Outlets have burn marks or other signs of overheating.
  • The fuse box has different styled or colors of switches (a sign of multiple repairs).
  • Fuses are frequently tripped.
  • Outlets are only 2-pronged and not grounded.
  • Buzzing sounds or burnt smell.
  • Visible sparks or shock when plugging or unplugging a cord to an outlet. 
  • Lightbulbs that burn out much faster than they should.
  • Your home’s wiring hasn’t been updated in 25 years or longer.
  • Aluminum instead of copper wiring.
  • Knob and tube wiring.
  • Fabric, rubber, or lead insulation surrounds the wires.

If you don’t have enough outlets for all of your power needs or you have recently upgraded your appliances and your current electrical system can’t handle the increased power load, you may also need to upgrade your home’s wiring. One of the benefits of rewiring your home now is that you can take advantage of the newest technologies on the market. Many homeowners opt to install smart switches, smart bulbs, Nest thermostats, speakers, security systems, and USB outlets while undergoing a total rewire to help launch their homes into the 21st century. Before starting your rewire, see how these upgraded technologies can make your home more efficient and convenient. 

What happens during a rewire?

If you are remodeling your home or completing an addition, the wiring will occur before the drywall is installed. However, if you are retrofitting or upgrading the existing wiring in your home, the process will look a little different. 

You may have to move furniture, electronics, and other items out of the way before work can begin. A rewiring job can take anywhere from three days to a full week. Expect to be confined to a small portion of your home or temporarily stay somewhere else while the rewiring is happening. 

Before starting the job, now is the time to plan where you want your outlets positioned. Think about where the furniture will be placed and choose outlet locations that are most advantageous to the flow of the room. Of course, outlet spacing will also have to meet code as well. You can work with your electrician to find the best outlet locations. 

After initial plans are set, the electrician will make access points in the ceiling, floor, and/or walls. This involves cutting into drywall or lifting floorboards. This can create a lot of dust, which is why you want to move furniture or cover items before work begins. 

Many times the fuse box will also be replaced with a newer model. Then the electrician will ensure everything is in proper working order and is in compliance with all regulations before deeming the job complete. 

With as complicated a job as rewiring, don’t trust just anybody to handle it. Call us at S.E. Electrical Services, Inc. for professional service, safe results, and quality craftsmanship on your next rewiring project.