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Light Switch Installation

Does your home have a light switch in every room? Are those switches properly placed? Do the switches work? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” the team at S.E. Electrical Services can help. We’re one of Orange County’s top providers of electrical services, including light switch installation and repair. To get your home’s switches just right, give us a call or complete our fast online contact form.

Toggle Light Switches

When most people think of light switches, the toggle switch is likely the first thing that comes to mind. Toggle switches are found in almost every home, and they’re popular because they’re simple to use. If you’re planning to install lighting in a room, a toggle light switch is a versatile option. Newer toggle switches come with upgraded features, such as timers and remote access. Whether you’re looking for a simple toggle switch or a modern one, it’s important to have it installed by a professional. The experts at S.E. Electrical can provide fast, friendly, and efficient installation services.

Selector Light Switches

If you’re trying to set up multi-mode lighting, selector switches are useful. These switches allow users to easily switch between different speeds and modes, which makes them a common choice for use with fans. Though rotary switches are the most common type, we also install button type selector switches. Call today to discuss your needs and we’ll install a selector switch that suits them perfectly!

Proximity Switches

As California’s homeowners become more conscious of their energy consumption, our proximity light switches are becoming a more prevalent choice. As the name implies, a proximity switch turns a light on when someone is in the room. When occupants leave, the switch turns the lights off. 

When you hire us for proximity switch installation, you’ll find it easier to conserve energy (and find the light switch when you enter a dark room!) Like all other light switches, proximity switches should only be installed by trained professionals. Call us today to find out how we can help you light up a room every time you enter.

Photoelectric Light Switches

Though they’re not as common in California’s homes as some of the other options we’ve outlined, photoelectric switches do have their uses. If you want lighting that comes on automatically as it starts getting dark, the sensors within a photoelectric switch make it a great option.

Many of our customers install photoelectric switches in their gardens or on their porches to ensure that visitors and family members can see when it’s dark outside. If you’re in a part of Orange County with few streetlights, an outdoor photoelectric switch may be a smart addition to your home. Call today for installation details.

Dimmer Switches

The right lighting can really set the mood in a room. Many people refer to dimmed lights as mood lighting, and the description is an apt one. To effectively dim the lights in the home, you’ll need one of our dimmer light switches.

Dimmer switches are available in several varieties. Some of our options have dials that allow fine-tuning of light intensity, while others have touch-sensitive pads that let you adjust light levels with a gentle finger swipe. Whether you’re installing one of these or a remote-controlled unit, S.E. Electrical’s dimmer switches will help you keep the lights at the perfect level.

Timer Light Switches

If you’d like to conserve energy but you’re the type who forgets to turn the lights off when you leave a room, a timer light switch is a cost-effective choice. These switches can be installed in existing electrical boxes, and because they are programmable by the day or the week, it’s easy to set it, forget it, and save energy. Whether you’re installing one switch or a house full, it’s important to do the job right. Call us to learn about our timer switch installation services. 

Why It’s Best to Leave Light Switch Installation to the Experts

While many California homeowners are tempted to do their own electrical repairs as a cost-cutting measure, the DIY route may turn a small job into a costly and dangerous one. If you’re considering installing your own light switches, consider these reasons why it’s better to call the pros at S.E. Electrical Services.

  • Safety. The biggest reason to hire an electrician for switch installation is to protect your safety and that of your home. Working with electricity is dangerous if it’s not approached with the right equipment, training, and expertise. Stay safe and get the job done right with our fast, efficient light switch installation services.
  • Cost. Many local homeowners who try to do their own installation jobs end up calling an electrician after their methods don’t work. And, in most cases, they’ve made the problem harder and costlier to fix than it would have been if they’d called a professional in the beginning. To get switches installed right the first time around, give us a call.
  • Education. Our electricians go through hundreds of hours of continuing education, certification courses, and real-world training before they become licensed. The company’s selection processes guarantee that our team members will deliver the highest standard of work.
  • Reassurance. Another good reason to turn to an S.E. Electrical Services team member for light switch installation is the peace of mind it provides. When switches are installed and serviced by licensed technicians, they’ll last longer and be less likely to encounter serious problems. We guarantee our work, which means if a problem reoccurs, we’ll come back and make it right.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons to put your trust in us. Whether you’re replacing an old light switch in an existing home or you’re building from the ground up, you can count on us for Orange County’s best switch installation services.

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The right lighting can make a significant difference in the look and feel of any room, and the perfect light switch will make a home’s lighting system that much easier to use. We’ve been serving Orange County for over a decade, and we’d love to put our experience to work for your family. Request more information online or call us today to schedule light switch installation or repairs.