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Electrical Panel Upgrades in Orange County

Orange County Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your electrical panel is important for the safety of your home as well as for keeping everything running correctly. Some problems can be corrected with a simple repair, but in many cases, an upgrade is needed to keep up with growing electricity demands in the home. One of your responsibilities as a homeowner is to ensure that your panel is upgraded to be able to handle any new technology.  If you are in the Orange County area, S.E. Electrical Services can help you with these upgrades.

Reasons for Upgrading

A homeowner may choose to upgrade their panel for many different reasons. However, most people upgrade for one of two reasons. If either of these reasons applies to your electrical panel, it is time to consider upgrading.

More Power Needed.                    

Homes today are rapidly increasing in their electrical needs. Homes twenty years ago only needed enough power for lights, outlets, and smaller appliances such as the television, washer, and oven. However, now through the addition of bigger appliances and comprehensive smart home technology, the electrical system is having to support more than ever before.

Many homeowners find that it is time to upgrade an electrical panel when a big change is made to the home such as the addition of a heating and air conditioning system. Even purchasing a new hot tub can be a reason for investing in a new panel. The addition of a new room in the home can be another reason for upgrading. If you are planning on making any big changes to your home, contact our electricians for information on a possible upgrade.

Unsafe Panels

Another reason that homeowners choose to upgrade is safety. Old panels are more susceptible to overload, overheating, and fires. Regardless of any existing problems, panels should be updated between 25-40 years after installation. Older homes with original panels will need an upgrade to ensure safety and efficacy.

Signs that You May Need an Upgrade

Homeowners in Orange County should be on the lookout for any signs that may mean an upgrade is needed. These signs can include tripping of the main breaker, signs of scorching on or around the panel, heat near the panel, buzzing noises, burning smells, or flickering lights. Another sign is minor electric shocks when making contact with appliances in your home. Finally, any panel older than 25 years is a good candidate for replacement.

The Upgrade Process

If you have made the decision to upgrade your electrical panel, it is helpful to know what to expect. At S.E. Electrical, we try to make the process as easy and affordable as possible. We know that upgrades are an investment, and we are committed to doing the job right the first time.

The first thing that will happen after you make the call is an initial evaluation. An electrician will come to your home to make a recommendation on the size of the electrical panel needed as well as determine the location of the installation. Typically, a second appointment will be made for the installation.

During the first appointment, the electrician will also advise you on the process of contacting your local power provider, as well as your options regarding the permitting and inspection process. You can decide to obtain the permits or we can obtain them for you.


The cost of an upgrade can vary depending on the size of the panel that you have selected as well as the existence of any other complications. An upgrade to a higher Amp full panel may cost anywhere from $2,500 and up. Transitioning from a fuse box to a circuit breaker can cost between $1,500 and up. Prices generally depend on the location of the home, the condition of the current wiring, the number of stories in the home, and more. However, at SE Electrical, our prices are upfront and you will never have surprise costs halfway through the job.

If you are a new homeowner in Orange County, a circuit breaker upgrade is something that you should plan for since panels have a limited lifespan. Although it may seem like a large initial cost, it is a necessary improvement that will keep your home and your family safe and it will pay for itself in the long run.

Choosing S.E. Electrical Services, Inc.

If you are looking for a company to perform your electrical panel upgrade, we are here to make the decision easy. Our electricians are the best in the business and we have been serving homes and businesses in the Orange County area for more than a decade.

It is important to find a company that has the right credentials. We are fully bonded and licensed and can always provide proof of insurance. We also have a strong base of satisfied customers who are happy with both our prices and our high standard of work.

Our priority is the safety of both our customers and our electricians. We keep our work site clean and are up to date on all local codes. Our Orange County customers can enjoy a 1-year warranty on all of the work that we perform. When it comes to panel upgrades, we can be trusted to do an excellent job and we back this up with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your electrical panel for safety reasons or to accommodate a new appliance, S.E. Electrical Services is ready to serve you. We always provide free estimates to our Orange County customers as well as solid advice. Contact us today to discuss your panel upgrade.

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