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Electrical Services in Garden Grove, CA

Some electrical repairs and installations are relatively simple, while others are incredibly complex. What all of them have in common is that every job involving electricity should be handled by a professional. In Garden Grove, CA, that means calling a trusted, well-respected company that offers both residential and commercial services.

Electrical Repairs

Modern electrical systems are incredibly complex, so it should come as no surprise that things occasionally go awry. Unfortunately, electrical issues that are left unaddressed can pose serious safety risks to a building’s residents or occupants, and some problems can even lead to electrical fires. The good news is that professional Electricians can help with all of the most common, and uncommon, electrical repairs, including:

Breaker Box Repairs

Modern breaker boxes can last for 30 to 40 years without needing to be replaced as long as the building’s electrical needs don’t change. However, individual circuit breakers may need to be replaced more frequently. Call an electrician if there are burning smells coming from the panel, frayed wires, discolored parts, or components that feel hot to the touch.

Outlet and Switch Repairs

If an electrical outlet or a light switch stops working, a few things could be wrong. The breaker could have tripped, the outlet or switch could be faulty, or the wiring could be to blame. If outlets and switches are still working but are hot to the touch, producing burning smells, or otherwise malfunctioning, cut off power to the circuit and call an electrician immediately.

Wiring Repairs

Improperly installed or outdated wiring can pose a serious fire hazard. Look for issues such as flickering/dimming lights, buzzing sounds, discoloration or scorch marks around outlets and switches, burning odors, hot outlets, and other warning signs. If present, they should be addressed by a professional electrician immediately.

Code Corrections

Electrical codes are in place for a reason: to protect buildings’ residents or occupants from fires and other safety hazards associated with incorrectly installed or maintained electrical fixtures. Whether a fixture has become outmoded as a result of changing standards or it was installed incorrectly by an unlicensed handyman instead of a professional electrician, the code violation should be addressed ASAP. Call a master electrician with an intimate understanding of state and city electrical codes.

Residential and Commercial Upgrades

Many property owners wait until there’s clearly something very wrong to call an electrician. As one might expect, that’s not the most effective or efficient way to keep up with a building’s electrical needs. Electrical upgrades can be scheduled before anything goes wrong, and that’s a much safer way to go about maintaining the system.

What Does an Upgrade Entail?

Full electrical upgrades involve replacing panels, cables, wires, receptacles, and more. As with all jobs involving electricity, upgrades must be left to professionals and should only be performed by master electricians capable of understanding and resolving complex problems. Here’s what to expect during the upgrade process:

Step One: Panel Upgrades

Electrical panels or breaker boxes handle all of the power that enters a home or commercial building. They accept the electricity coming in from municipal lines then route it to different circuits as needed, but that’s not all electrical panels do. These essential fixtures are also equipped to shut off the power to each circuit individually if it becomes overloaded or something else goes wrong. Since older panels aren’t equipped to handle modern electrical loads, this upgrade is the first one most experts recommend.

Step Two: Distribution System Upgrades

Just upgrading the breaker box might not be enough to ensure the smooth and safe distribution of sufficient power to older buildings without many circuits. If the panel needs to be upgraded, chances are, the electrician will need to install extra circuits to distribute power more efficiently, as well.

Step Three: Upgrade Wiring, Fixtures, and Receptacles

The final phase of a full electrical upgrade involves the more visible and better-known elements of the electrical system: its wiring, fixtures, and receptacles. The level of upgrades required will vary depending on the building’s current level of power use and the age of the electrical system.

If there are tons of appliances and electronic devices plugged into extension cords or power strips, that’s a good sign that the building needs new electrical outlets. If the wiring is outdated, it will need to be replaced to avoid unnecessary fire hazards. Fixtures and receptacles that are loose or malfunctioning will be addressed during this last stage of the upgrade, as will the installation of GFCI outlets and systems to support smart home technology.

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade

Though upgrading an electrical system can be seen as a proactive alternative to making endless repairs, most property owners don’t make the decision about when to schedule their upgrades out of nowhere. Most people decide to upgrade a property’s electrical system when:

Full-scale renovations are already planned for part or all of a house

A homeowner is preparing to sell

New appliances or fixtures will soon be installed

There’s not enough power to effectively run everything

There aren’t enough outlets to meet residents’ demands

It seems like the electrical system is in constant need of repairs

Serious issues come up during an inspection

Commercial Services

Commercial electrical services differ from residential ones primarily in terms of scale. Commercial buildings tend to be larger and most of them draw far more power. They feature different types of lights, often with ballasts instead of ordinary fixtures and bulbs, and often need to run large, power-hungry appliances that require dedicated circuits or extra voltage.

Not all residential electricians have the tools, training, and expertise required to handle commercial repairs and upgrades. However, there are some electrical service companies that can handle projects of all sizes, including both residential and commercial jobs. When in doubt, ask about the company and its technicians’ relevant experience.

Trust the Experts

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